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  • Herbee

    Aloe Vera Gel

    (Incl Of All Taxes)


    Pure Aloe Vera Gel With The Richness Of Cucumber

    • Manufactured using proper
      cosmetic aloe vera pulps and fresh
      organic cucumber with seeds.
    • Vitamin E oil mixed, give instant glow.
    • Acts as a Natural moisturizer
      and sun screener too.
  • Herbee

    Gold Facial Pack Powder

    (Incl Of All Taxes)


    Pure Herbal GOLD Facial Pack
    Powder with 24 Herbs Combination

    • Face Cleanser
    • Face Scrapper
    • Face Toner
    • Used It Pure Saffron, Red Tree Barks
    • Organic Rose Petal
    • Hibiscus Flower
    • Dried Aloe Vera
    • Organic Lotus Petal
    • Badham
  • Herbee

    Herbal Face Wash Powder

    (Incl Of All Taxes)

    • 100 % Natural & chemical free, Refreshing and Relaxing
    • Mixture of Herbal & Floral Powder
    • Cleansing Face – lightens skin & maintain a youthful glow
    • The Lightening Face Scrub – Smoothens Wrinkles, Stimulates Collagen, Relieves Dry Skin Exfoliating Skin – exfoliant to remove dead skin cells & acne Removes acne, tan, oiliness, pimples
  • Herbee

    Kasthuri Manjal

    (Incl Of All Taxes)


    Pure Organic Kasthuri Manjal With the
    Richness Of Lemon / Orange Peel & Kumari Tulasi Leaves

    • Natural Hair Remover
    • Effective against Pimples and blemishes
    • Give natural fairness to all skin types
  • Herbee

    Multani Mitti

    (Incl Of All Taxes)


    Pure Multani Mitti Powder For Skin Tightening

    • Best Anti-Ageing Natural Product
    • Helps in tightening the face muscles.
    • Removes blemishes and pimple
      marks from skin.
  • Herbee

    Nalangu Powder

    (Incl Of All Taxes)

    • 100% Natural herbal ingredients
    • Homemade, Handmade
    • Skin friendly
  • Herbee

    Orange Peel Facial Pack Powder

    (Incl Of All Taxes)


    Pure Organic Orange Peel Facial Pack Powder For Removing Marks, Skin Wrinkles and skin tightening purposes

    • Whitens Skin
    • Natural Face Cleanser
    • Delays Wrinkles
    • Oil Controls
    • Fights Acne And Pimples
  • Herbee

    Rose Water

    (Incl Of All Taxes)


    Organic Red Rose Water For Skin Whitening Purposes

    • Organic red rose petals used
      to manufacture.
    • Heals wounds, burning
    • pH balance product, gives instant glow.